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Kurilian Gem, CZ 

     Welcome to kennel Kurilian Bobtail in Světlá nad Sázavou, Czech Republic.
     Life of our family is always accompanied by partners, friends, companions and loving pets. Our lifestyle was still bustling, surrounded by travel, business, studies, and especially by his family.
     Every time we approached the uniqueness of cats, which are dominant, intelligent and love to give you, if you truly deserve. In 2012, nine years since he left us just such a male Maine Coon breed, who gave us so much love and enriched our lives on many occasions for which we owe him. Currently we have eight years of castrated Bengal cat breed Nikolas and male bichon Rubicon who are inseparable friends and companions.
     One day we decided that our joy will multiply and share it with you. We decided to find new members of the family - a new breed that will be just as exceptional and worthy of your family. We were looking for companions for the peoples, who have lost their loved ones and need to feel love when they come home. Playful spirit for kids who build their relationship with the little animals and recognize that not only people can conjure smiles on his face. Wild appearance, graceful in motion and devilry in his eyes. We were looking for an intelligent, affectionate and gentle creatures for us and for you.
     We will be glad if you breed Kuril Bobtail interesting and you say to yourself, "That's them!".
     We will be happy to answer your questions or you are welcome here. On our site you will find information about the history Kuriských Bobtail, learn where it comes from, where we got to and what they are unique.
     We will tell you more about their nature and structure of the body. In addition, you will discover a lot of pictures and constantly new information.
We look forward to seeing you,
Hana Nováková       


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